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Outbound Air

Outbound Air

Outbound Air is the captivating tale of a regional airline acquired by an investment group. The story illustrates the adolescent pains of organizational growth as the new CEO takes one mis-step after another. Outbound Air's return from the brink of destruction is a vivid tale of how organizations work. Read more →

Hiring Talent

Hiring Talent

Hiring Talent blends the research on levels of work with the discipline of behavioral interviewing. Every role has a level of decision making, a level of problem solving. Identifying the level of work in the role is the first step in understanding which candidates meet the critical role requirements. Read more →

Online Programs

Timespan 101

This program discusses the science in the book Outbound Air, designed to introduce you to the research of Elliott Jaques. Your world will change. At least, the way you look at it. You will never again see your organization the same way. Puzzling things about people and their work will become clear. This is the beginning.

Hiring Talent

Interactive online program that covers three areas where hiring managers fall short -

  • Identify the level of work in the role related to decision making and problem solving.
  • Construct effective questions to collect important data from the candidate.
  • Control the interview to get meaningful responses from the candidate.

360 Tool

The 360 degree performance survey is the start of a conversation between the manager and the team member. This online tool is based on candid feedback collected anonymously from supervisors, peers and subordinates asking key questions. Its accuracy is tied to patterns of comments in response to those questions.

Management Skills Blog

Hard to Get Good People (These Days)

September 25, 2020

From the Ask Tom mailbag- Question: I am just not getting quality candidates from our referral agency. I have two positions I need to fill.… Read more →

What Do You Do Well?

September 23, 2020

From the Ask Tom mailbag: Question: I have a performance review with a top performer on my team. In addition to reviewing his past 3 months… Read more →

Who Will Be Accountable?

September 21, 2020

We sat around the table discussing the new team member scheduled to show up for work the next morning. “Who’s she going to report… Read more →

Effective Or Not?

September 16, 2020

From the Ask Tom mailbag – Question: I was fortunate enough to attend one of your in-person sessions. I have a specific supervisor not… Read more →


Executive Peer Groups

CEO and KEY Executive peer groups meet monthly, expert resource speakers, executive sessions, 1-1 confidential coaching.

Working Leadership

Online and classroom programs in managerial leadership practices. Focus on delegation, decision making, communication, team building, planning.

Executive Coaching

1-1 confidential coaching sessions for CEOs and KEY managers. Scenario planning, organizational design, system integration, decision making.